3 Lessons Learned:

An Internet Market? This Is What You Can Learn From the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

In the 50s women were not supposed to do anything apart from taking care of their kids and watch their body waist, but some brave women did take the stage to do stand-up comedy and make their audience happy. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is one how that encapsulates the kind of struggle that these women who stood up for their rights underwent and Mrs. Maisel can be a great example to the marketers and entrepreneurs who face great odds in their work. The following article highlights some of the lessons that you can learn from Mrs. Maisel, so take time to go through it and it will help you face your great odds in a more positive way.

From the first episode of the show, as an entrepreneur, you can learn that a few time you just have to take risks and bear the guts you never knew you had and it will pay greatly. From the first episode Mrs. Maisel starts off as a person who could not even gather her guts to stand in front of audience but after her husband leaves her for his secretary she takes the risks that bring her the realization of her talent in comedy and it paid off. This kind of risk Mrs. Maisel takes is what you as an internet marketer you should take and it will help you increase your visibility in levels you never thought of.

As an internet marketer, you also learn from Mrs. Maisel that you will never please your audience 100% so there will be always that percentage that can never appreciate you no matter what. Someone shouts at Mrs. Maisel as she performs and from other different instances but this should not deter you from continuing because there is also a good percentage that applauds you and a real-world example is the recent ending of the game of thrones show. If you have a fondue restaurant and you do Facebook ads for restaurants you get fondue lovers and not hamburgers and if you try to add the hamburger in the menu you may not please them anyway, so master what you love and do it best without minding critics because they are not your real customers anyway.

Mrs. Maisel faces challenges to maintain her brand as a comic from Sophie another top comic who lives a different life from what she shows but she chooses to maintain her real self. Your audience wants authenticity in every step of the way, so stop thinking of faking a few things to look good, but admit your faults and improve on them and it will pay off greatly as it did to Mrs. Maisel.