Establish Brand Advocates With the Help of a Selfie Station Photo Booth

Are you looking to find new brand advocates? Many companies turn to local celebrities to promote their brand, never stopping to consider making use of everyday users. With the help of a selfie station photo booth (, you’ll find you can increase the reach of your brand in ways you never imagined. How can a photo booth help you achieve this goal?

The Benefits of Selfie Stations

A company renting a selfie station photo booth finds users not only have fun getting their pictures taken but they also share these photos with others. Social media posts serve as word of mouth advertising for the business and Nielsen conducted research which found that four out of five consumers are influenced by social media posts such as these. One simple photo posted on a site can significantly expand the marketing opportunities of the business.

New Customers

While conducting this research, Nielsen also found that more than 40 percent of consumers will purchase a product if they found it on a social networking site. Once the photo booth user takes his or her picture, it can then immediately be emailed, texted to family and friends, or posted to a social media site. Every time the user does so, he or she shares the brand with potential new customers. This is a great digital marketing opportunity that companies often overlook.

Gather Information

There is an added benefit of using a selfie station photo booth that many businesses overlook. When a consumer makes use of the photo booth, information will be captured that can then be used for marketing purposes in the future. This may include the user’s email address, feedback on the product, their preferred social media sites, and more. This information may then be used to improve marketing techniques and ensure every dollar spent in this area is well invested.

If you are looking to obtain new brand advocates, consider renting a selfie station photo booth. Companies that do so find the return on investment to be excellent. It’s one option that no business should overlook, as digital marketing is of great importance in today’s world. People love to share photos of themselves and every business can benefit by helping them to do so in a fun way.